Manufacture of tools and machined pieces

We design entirely in CAD and we build all kinds of tools for manual or automated use, whatever your industrial production process. Taking advantage of our experience and training, in addition to designing them, we take care not only of the manufacture of tools, gauges or gear, but also of their modification, thus taking into account any need that is presented to you.

Design and manufacture of tools

  1. Manufacture of tools
    • Cut
    • Weld
    • Assembly
    • Verify
  2. Application in tools of:
    • Lift
    • Transport
    • Sealing processes

Construction of machined pieces


In addition, we offer our customers the construction of any type of machined pieces either in our facilities, or with any of our collaborators to offer a wide, fast and effective machining service.

We collaborate with heat treatment and coating suppliers to provide a fast and effective service in the process of surface and interiors finishes, if necessary.

Manufacture workshop of tools and machined pieces

If your company needs to industrialize, improve or adapt a phase of its production, our team can handle the manufacture of tools and machined pieces.

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