Tooling · Automation · Prototypes

We are a company prepared to be a supplier with comprehensive engineering service and mechanical workshop, being able to be transversely supporting in different departments of the same company, ranging from assistance to the customer maintenance department for urgent improvements or repairs, to the process department in the design and construction of tools and /or special machine or even in the R+D department or trials collaborating and advising in conjunction with a customized solution with specific customer requirements.

Industrial engineering and production workshop

As an engineering company, we design custom elements for the industry: developing design and 3D drawings of new projects and even taking care of automation processes if necessary. We also offer the 3D printing consulting service to select the best option in case you need this type of service.

In our workshop, we are specialized in the realization, assembly and fine tuning of short productions, such as prototypes for new projects, manufacture of tools and machined pieces, all based on the manufacture of the different 3D printing technologies.

Office of industrial engineering and production

Industrias AM can offer to your company external support in those areas that need it or a comprehensive service in the development of new projects.


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